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GSG-10KL /20KL/30KL/50KL

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1. Independent and efficient three-level technology PWM tenology

2. Perfect SVPWM vector control

3. DSP digital control with no transformer isolation

4. Active and reactive power adjustable

5. Smart panel operation and control

6. Pure sine wave output, phase locking technique with small THD,no pollution and shock for grid.

7. Active + passive testing technology is to realize isolation control.

8. Perfect alarm and warning functions

9. High altitude and cold area

10. Optional choices for RS232/485,Ethernet interface to realize long distance data collection and monitoring.

11. IP65protection for indoor and outdoor application.

System digram


Technical parameters

DC input

DC Max.power(KW):10.2 /20.5 /32 /56.25

DC Max voltge:1000Vdc

Max.input current(A):2*20 /2*20 /2*32 /5*27

Full load MPPT voltage range:300~800Vdc

MPPT tracking number/connection number of each loop:2/2、2/2、2/5、5/2

MPPT precision:≥99.9%

Rated output power:10kW /20kW /30kW /50kW

Max output power:11kW /22kW /36kW /55kW

Max output current:16A /30A /50A /80A

Rated grid voltage:3/N/PE,220/380,230/400

Rated grid frequency:50Hz/60Hz

Power factor adjustage range:0.9 Positive to 0.9 negtive

Max THD:<3%(rated power)

System characters

Max efficiency:98.8%

Euro efficiency:97.5%

AC over voltage protection: provide

GND fault protection: provide

DC insulation impedance testing: provide

GND protection:provide

Output over current protection: provide

Output DC component protection:: provide

Isolation protection: provide

Cooling method: forced air cooling

Protect level:IP65

Pollution leve l:II

Isolation type: no-isolation type

Communication interface: RS485(optional)/RS232/Ethernet


Opration temperature:-30~+60℃

Storage temperature-40~+70℃

Relative humidity:0~95% no condensing

Noisy :≤47dB

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