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1.Internal battery design with integration of inverter, controller and energy storagehas small dimension, convenient wire maintenance.

2.Polycrystalline (single crystal) high efficiency solar panels with flexible bracket so can be Strong practical with convenient transportation.

3.The components: LED lights, PV cable, unarmed connection and do special optional settings.

4.Fool proof input and output setting withoutinstallation so has more convenient operation.

5.(12V/1A,5V/1A)optional for AC/DC output with no disturbing. Besides, the equipment has over-charge, over discharging, over load, over heat, short circuit protections functions.

6.Solar household convenient generator with no noisy and environmental healthy for no-grid area.

Application area

Small solar generator has pretty appearance with environmental and energy saving characters and suit for no-grid household use,family outings adventure, prairie pastoral area, Field operation of agriculture, forestry and heights, Island fishing boat,frontier sentry and other no power places.

System diagram


Technical specifications

System overview

Solar array:250W*2

Structure:Hot dip galvanized/Angle (folding)

Battery capacity:(12V/150AH)*2


PV off-grid inverter & controller hybrid:charge current 20A

Rated power 500VA

Output voltage 220Vac/50Hz,5Vdc

Combiner: 10A/4 loop input combiner

Cable:PV cable 2*4mm²/20m

AC cable 3*(2*0.5 mm²/5m)

Load:Energy-saving lamps5W/220V(3 units)

Load for reference

Energy-saving lamps(220V/5W):21.6h

GPS Receiver(220V/25W):4h

Bracker fan(220V/20W):2h


LCD TV(220V/70W):4h

Milk separator(220V/220W):0.5h

Load in total:380W

Remarks:The system design is on the base of the peak power to be 4.5H, continuous discharging time to be 2 days and full charging time to be 3 days.

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