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1. Pure sine wave output (THD<3%)

2. Frequency transformer isolation to make equipment stability, high load capacity to fit for all kind of sensitive and line loads.

3. Whole modes of output. Grid and inverter transferring priority with static transfer less than 10ms.

4. Whole protection functions(over load protection, internal over heat protection, output short circuit protection, input over voltage protection, input low voltage protection and so on)to improve production’s reliability.

5. LCD or meter show to realize LCD display warning, noisy alarm and indicator show fault.

6. Technical specification setting language by password and other specification setting.

7. Long distance monitoring RS232 interface to realize long distance monitoring.

Production description

Power supply can generate stable AC/DC power from battery to load. The series can satisfy for 0.3KVA to 7KVA load. Whole bridge inverter is covered in this inverter series. Mainly designed for power controlling system, the inverter series fit for high equipment’s reliability of quality and controlling. The situation is for high and stable AC power.



Technical specifications

Rated power(KVA): 2 /3 /5

DC input

Rated voltage(VDC): 216

Low voltage protection point (VDC):194

Low voltage recovery point(VDC):227

Over voltage protection point (VDC):300

Over voltage recovery point(VDC):297

Grid input

Input voltage range(VAC): 220±15%

Frequency(HZ): 50

Transfer method(optional): grid priority or inverter priority(optional)

Transfer time(ms): ≤5

AC output

Rated output power(W):1.6

output wave:50±0.05Hz pure sine wave

Output voltage:220/230±5%VAC(optional)

THD:≤3%(line load)

Efficiency(Peak Efficiency): ≥90%

Power factor:0.8


Input low voltage protection, input over voltage protection, output over load protection, output short circuit protection

Cooling:Air cooling

Over load ability:120% 1min

Running method: Continuous running

Show: LCD/LED/meter

Communication interface:RS232 or components software (optional)


Protection level: IP20

Operating environment temperature(℃):-10~+45

Storage environment temperature(℃):-25~+55

Relative humidity: 0~95%(no condensing)

Altitude(m):≤5000(over1000m reducing use)


Dimension(d*p*l mm): 423×480×177

Weight (kg): 50 /75 /80

Packing:Wooden case

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