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GSS-2K /3K /5K

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1. New DSP controlling to make

2. Internal smart max power tracker

3. Generation power to be selfuse and on-grid use.

4. Kinds of working modes to be on-grid mode and off-grid mode

5. Many communication interface like USB,RS232 and so on

6. Realize long-distance control by software

Off-grid system mode 

 GSS-2K /3K /5K


Solar charging mode


 GSS-2K /3K /5K


Technical specificaitons


 GSS-2K /3K /5K

Phase:Single phase

Rated power: 2000W /3000W /5000W

PV input(DC)

Rated power: 360VDC

Max input voltage: 500VDC

Open voltage/starting on-grid voltage: 116VDC/150VDC

MPPT tracking range: 250VDC~450VDC

Max.input current: 1/1×18A 、1/1×18A、2/2×10A

Grid output(AC)

Rated grid voltage: 208/220/230/240VAC

Grid voltage range: 184-265VAC

Grid frequency range: 47.5-50.2HZ或59.3~60.5HZ(self adapation)

Rated output current: 10A/13A/21A

Power factor: >0.99

Grid input(AC)

Grid start voltage: 120-140VAC

Auto recover voltage: 180VAC

Input voltage range: 170-280VAC

Max input current: 20A/30A/40A

Battery output(AC)

Rated output voltage: 208/220/230/240VAC

Output frequency: 50HZ/60HZ(self adaption)

Output wave: Pure sine wave

Effciency(DC to AC): 92%

Battery & charger

Rated voltage: 48VDC

Max.charging current: 10A/25A /60A

Floating voltage: Preset 54VDC,50-58VDC(adjustable)

General specifications

Physical characters

Demensions(D*W*H)(mm): 117×438×480

Installation method: Wall mounting type

Net weight(KG): 15.5

Communication interface

Communication interface: RS-232/USB

Operation environment

Humdity: 0-90 %( No condensing)

Operation temperature: 0-40℃

Altitude: 1000m(over 1000m reducing use)

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