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  • 南京冠亚电源设备有限公司
  • 南京冠亚电源设备有限公司
  • 南京冠亚电源设备有限公司

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Industry information
Renewable energy 2016
Release time:
2020-04-27 15:13
Guanya power attend The solar show Africa for grand
Our Company once again got orders on intelligent combiner box from Thailand
Good News: Photovoltaic Grid Connected Power Supply of Guanya Power Supply Co., Ltd Succeeded in Debugging in Parliament House Project of Pakistan and Its Photovoltaic Power Station was Successfully Connected to the Grid
President Zhang Haibo was invited to attend the 4th China (Beijing) International Distributed Energy Resource and New Urbanization Innovation-driven Summit Forum
Employee job talent contest compition
Release time:
2014-08-26 14:19
"Guanya Cup" badminton competition
Release time:
2014-08-20 14:18
Nanjing Guanya 500kW PV inverter successfully passed the China Electric Power Research Institute to test the zero voltage ride through
Guanya get 2013 Jiangsu Province Science and Technology Award
Guanya Power Equipment Co., Ltd. 2014 annual summary meeting held successfully for Chinese New Year.
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