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  • 南京冠亚电源设备有限公司
  • 南京冠亚电源设备有限公司
  • 南京冠亚电源设备有限公司

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About us

About us

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Guanya power equipment co.,ltd, founded in 2001, is the first inverter companies focus in R&D, assembling and marketing on on-grid inverter, off-grid inverter, controller and household power supply. After 16 years development, Guanya power has been in high development level, all series productions, Max. power per unit and client reliability of power supply. Now, Guanya power has applied 56 national patents with 16 invention patents. Guanya has get 39 solar inverters,37 solar controllers. We mainly cooperate and start 11 PV industry standards. Guanya was the first draftsman for inverter National first compulsive standard named Grid photovoltaic system safety standard.

By strong technical force, Guanya has strong power new product exploitation ability. With Active use the model by combining production, study and research of the model to carry out technology research and development, Guanya has built the cooperation with NUAA, Southeast university, Nanjing tech university and so on. The important projects such as technology innovation project of Ministry of Science and Technology, National 863 projects, CGF projects of National Development and Reform Commission, Major science and technology achievements transformation projects of science and technology office of Jiangsu made Guanya productions widely used in series area. The stability of productions in projects in Bead jose rama peak, Shanghai World Expo, Golden sun projects, demonstration project, Brightness Program, Engineering of three rivers, Qingzang railway, China mobile, China Unicom, China Telecom get clients’ good evaluation.

In future, Guanya will boost competitiveness in international markets and ensure our advantage in solar industry to make more contribution to improve environment of all the world and help in low carbon economy. For this target, Guanya will reinforcing industrial foundation, enlarge the industrial scale, take the experience, technology, sales and brand value in reference. The leading team will take popular managing mode, more advanced technology within reliable production quality.

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